Hanna Carlson

The jazz singer Hanna Carlson presents her own compositions and contemporary pop songs in a brand new, jazzy-sounding way. The band playfully combines different harmonies, melodies and rhythms in their musical pieces to reveal unexpected effects. The arrangements by drummer Bernd Nawothnig are particularly impressive due to the rhythmic finesse, the attention to melodic detail and a certain lightness that takes the listener by surprise. Due to the fact that all band members contribute compositions to the program, the audience encounters very different sounds, ideas and musical stories. Singer Hanna Carlson interprets and presents their pieces charmingly with her enchanting and very captivating voice.


In May 2012 the record “Hanna Carlson” was released. The music takes you on a journey which involves exciting, diversified and very touching moments. The record is a lively extract of what the band presents on stage. Let the music surprise you or remind you of a very special moment. You can easily order the CD “Hanna Carlson” via contact. Enjoy listening to our music. H.C.