Hanna Carlson

Ella Fitzgerald would have been 100 years old in the coming year, 2017. A great artist, a great woman, she dedicated her life to her art and to her audience. Her voice, her virtuosity, and her authenticity were and remain unmatched. Hanna Carlson and Band, and the Geigenhof Quartet, under the direction of Wojtek Bolimowski, present a musical portrait of a young Ella, growing through life’s challenges, experienced, yet still a child at heart. The swinging band, the colorful sound of the string, and the virtuosic voice of singer Hanna Carlson tell the story of this unforgettable singer. At times exhilarating, at times heavy and meloncholic, the highs and lows of Ella Fitzgerald’s life are retold. Come with us on a journey through time, through 6 decades of moving music.


In May 2016 the record “100 Jahre Ella Fitzgerald” was released. The music takes you on a journey which involves exciting, diversified and very touching moments. The record is a lively extract of what the band presents on stage. Let the music surprise you or remind you of a very special moment. You can easily order the CD via contact. Enjoy listening to our music. H.C.